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" According to the traffic congestion in Bangkok and vicinity, the suitable transportation system to replace tank truck is pipeline transportation "

According to the urgent policy of the government to develop the national fuel transportation of the year 1988, so Bangkok Aviation Fuel Service Public Co., Ltd. (BAFS), is part of working committee to consider and to propose the policy of national fuel transportation at that time, also being the storage provider including servicing fuel to airlines at Donmuang Airport. The company has encountered with the traffic congestion situations by trucks that have been the barriers for fuel transportation from original depots in Central Bangkok area to depot at Donmuang airport. In addition, the environmental conditions with risks of accidents by cars effect to people and national security. Therefore, the Suitable Transportation System to replace trucks loading is Pipeline Transportation, by approval from the National Energy Policy Office Committee to form the fuel pipeline transportation project in order to solve such problems.

“Bafs Pipeline Transportation Limited (BPT)”, (Fuel Pipeline Transportation Limited (FPT)) is therefore, established on 21 May 1991, according to the resolution of the cabinet. The Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, acts as the pivotal joint-ventures to operate fuel pipeline transportation route Bangchak-Donmuang-Bang Pa-In, including the constructing the terminal with the registered capital of 1,592 MB. The joint-ventured structures are state-enterprises, oil companies, financial institutions and other related groups.

On 5 January 1994, BPT is finally come to the first day of operate by transport aviation fuel from main supplies sources which are Bangchak refinery , Shell Depot and Chevron Depot at Chongnonsi to Donmuang Depot. In additional, the first day of operate the ground products via BPT pipeline system is eventually on 30 March 1994. BPT also supply the aviation fuel to Suvarnabhumi Airport in 1996 by transporting aviation fuel via pipeline system by JP-One Asset Co., Ltd., which connected to the pipeline system of BPT at Makasan off-take Station on 6 March 1996.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Energy realized the importance of increasing the efficiency of fuel transportation and the country's energy security. Therefore encouraging the private sector to invest in expanding the fuel pipeline system to the northern and northeastern regions, Bafs Pipeline Transportation Limited (BPT), a private company established under the cabinet resolution on 21 May 1991, is fuel pipeline service providers from Bangchak Refinery And Chong Nonsi Depot to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport and Bang Pa-In Depot Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province for over 25 years, the project can generate high social and environmental benefits. Therefore investing to expand the fuel pipeline system to the north with an investment of 10,000 million baht. The pipeline will be connected to the existing pipeline system at Bang Pa-In Depot to Phichit Depot and Lampang Depot, a distance of 576 kilometers. Construction started in August 2016, Commercial operations for the phase 1 pipeline commenced in 2019.