Environmental Friendly

With fuel pipeline transportation is accepted that is helps to reduce pollution and also supports to recover the national environment. Since the transportation both by land and barge are decreased, it also helps to reduce traffic congestion with on road accidents. In addition, it results indirectly to the economy on the budget of the government transportations cost, including safety on large amount fuel transportation that provides good results to the society and the nation in the long term continuously.

In addition, the operation of pipeline and depot system will follow up the government environmental policy. For example, the company has installed the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) at Bang Pa-In. The fuel vapor during the truck loading will be absorb and send to VRU. The VRU will control the benzene vapor to less than 17 Milligram Vol/Liter, which was supported by Denmark Government, depot to help prevent the accident from the fuel vapor and protect the environment.